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Happy Childhood


Our budget for Treasure House Christian Children's Home is more than $150,000.00 FJD annually. 

Treasure House is presently located in a rental property in Nadi. We have had help from generous donors who contributed to, and need ongoing assistance with :

  • rent every month

  • lighting and gas at the home

  • meats and vegetables

  • general grocery needs

  • education fees and needs of the children

  • Medical needs are met by Doctor in Nadi

  • Other expenses 

In general, much of our operational needs are met and donors pay directly to the suppliers so that the donors are happy to know that what they are paying for is being received by our children at Treasure House. Covid also changed a lot for our home where many understandably could not assist us the way they had previously. 


Our greatest financial challenge is the allowances for our remarkable staff. As many donors donate directly towards the needs of the children, we fall short of this budget item and are hoping that there are enough donors out there that care for our staff to be paid and are willing to donate towards that end.


We hope that donors will remember our staff and the critical role they fill, providing 24-hour care for the children; without our staff we would not be able to provide care for our children. This budget item alone is $6,000.00 FJD per month, or $72,000.00 FJD annually.We have recently had assistance from a wonderful donor in this area, which will help us for a period and we will seek more support for this long term. 

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