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Happy Childhood


Located in Nadi, Fiji is presently home to 19 beautiful children from the age of Newborn through to early adulthood.

Treasure House is a faith-based home, supported closely by various Churches both in Fiji and Overseas, as well as other partners in the local Fiji community. Businesses, Organisations and Individuals all play an integral role in the survival of our home. 

Treasure House provides our children with a stable, loving and permanent home. It serves as a place of safety for children in crisis where they receive care 24 hours a day.

The children receive care 24 hours per day, 7 days per week through the help of staff on-duty during the day and the night.


Education is treated with upmost importance. The children have motivational play school while at home from age 1 year to age 5. Once they turn 5-years-old they begin Kindergarten, then they move on to Primary School, High School, and then Tertiary School. 

We focus on nutrition, good values, love and sister / brotherhood, and raise our children around the principles of Christ. 

We do allow visits under certain conditions which can be found in Visitation information. 


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