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Treasure House Christian Children's Home is home to children taken in due to abandonment or desertion through tragic circumstances like single Motherhood, drug, alcohol, and/or sexual abuse, acute poverty, domestic breakdown or violence, and more. Most of the children in our home are orphaned through these circumstances.

The children come to our home from the age of Newborn through to the age of 17-years. At 17-years-old the Social Welfare Policies require the children to leave Treasure House. 

Treasure House is a Girl's Home, therefore all Baby Boys that come to Treasure House stay until the age of 6-years-old, when the policy requires them to move on to another home that cares for Boys, if they are not already adopted. Thankfully to date, all Baby Boys at Treasure House have been adopted before turning 6-years-old. 

Our Newborn babies often get adopted very quickly. Some are adopted at about the age of one or older. Some stay longer up to age 4 and are then adopted. 

Our older children are likely to stay on at Treasure House and do not get adopted. It is very rare that an older child gets adopted but it has happened. Most older children are still with us today. 

Our home is made up of approximately 80% Indian children, while the remaining children are Fijian or Fijian-European. 12 of our children are in school, beginning from Kindergarten, through Primary School and High School, with one child at Tertiary School.

We are home to 4 children with Special Needs. One beautiful child is diagnosed with Down Syndrome. One stunning child is diagnosed with Hydrocephalus. One brilliant child is a Paraplegic. Another marvelous child has a less serious condition similar to Paraplegic. 

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