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At present we have 19 children. The children are aged between infant and early 20s. We have 4 children with special needs. Our children are miracles of Christ. They have each had their own share of battles- but they continue to defy the odds with the way they thrive once they come to Treasure House. 

We have had children who were expected by medical professionals to never walk or talk, that not only do both but end up highly intellectual and active. And children who could not eat solid foods when arriving with us to being able to eat anything. And many other testimonies. 

We would love to have more of a base for sponsorship of our children as this would assist us greatly. 

Our children need ongoing support. As with any other child, they need guidance, parenting, advice, assistance well into their adult years. We are working on solutions to ensure that our children do not fall into gaps in the welfare system when they become adults. 

Here are some photographs (without any identifying features for confidentiality) of our special kids. Please get in touch if you have any questions or wish to support what we do. 


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